'Bikinis in Martinis' is a Pre-Order blogshop that has a love for bikinis and swimwear.

We bring you only imported bikinis from the US. All items are brand new, our items are all 100% original and authentic at a slightly lower price.

We created this site simply for our love of swimwear
and to bring you shopaholics swimwear from other countries.
So far we are only importing Victoria Secret swimwear from the US, hopefully we will be importing other brands as well soon to come.

Please do read the "About Pre-Ordering with us" & "Terms & Conditions" below before shopping with us.

All our price listed are already inclusive of international and local postage fee.

Any enquiries or to make purchase, just send us an email at

Happy Shopping! :)


OPENING SALES - Beach Sexy Triangle Bikini Set

OPENING SALES - Beach Sexy Triangle Bikini Set
Original Price - RM 150, Sale Price - RM 120



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